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  • Sangle pour tapis de yoga - Capri
    15 € In Stock
    15 € In Stock

    The strap will allow you to carry your yoga mat anywhere with you, in a lightweight way. It can also be used in certain stretching and softening postures. If you want to protect your yoga mat from the elements and stains, you can also choose the BAYA cover. Direction Capri with a nice pattern that smells like Limoncello ! :)

  • Coussin de Méditation Capri
    60 € In Stock
    60 € In Stock

    Ecological, comfortable and firm at the same time, your zafu Capri will allow you to have a perfect posture during your meditation. The Kapok, the vegetable fiber that fills this meditation cushion, is dense and soft. Anti-allergic, you can meditate in peace. You can settle there cross legged, as a lotus or on your knees.Direction to Capri Island and its...

  • Tapis de Yoga Capri - 3 mm
    70 € In Stock

    The Capri Yoga mat dense, flexible and offer excellent grip. Made of natural rubber with a micro-fibre coating, it is eco-friendly, comfortable and just perfect for intense and physical practices - the more you sweat, the more grip you'll get ! Let's go to the island of Capri and its wonderful landscapes where time stops peacefully !

  • Tapis de yoga Séville - 6 mm
    55 € In Stock

    The Seville Yoga mat thick, light weighted and soft. The perfect combination for gentle practices, where you need support under your knees and hips. Our rubber pattern gives you extra grip so can stay grounded throughout every poses and don't slip. Let's go to Seville, Andalusia, for a flowery and warm moment to the sound of flamenco !

  • Brassière Seville
    50 € In Stock
    50 € In Stock

    Radiate with energy with this colourful Andalusian design. You’re in for a treat with its mesh fabric panels in the chest for your skin to breath and strappy, open back for great support.The lightweight, breathable and sweat-kicking recycled polyester fabric is great both for your intensive practice and the environment. Go full Seville-style with its...

  • Legging Séville
    75 € In Stock
    75 € In Stock

    Wear these Seville leggings and immerse yourself in the heart of Spain - smell the flowers, feel the warmth and enjoy the bright colours!Feel free to do any movements with the smooth, comfortable, lightweight, supportive and stretchy feel.The sweat-kicking recycled polyester fabric is great both for your intensive workouts and the environment. Go full...

  • Tapis de yoga Tanger - 1 mm
    62 € In Stock

    The Tangier yoga mat is specially made for those who travel and commute, for those who want to carry their mats in their bags rather than on their backs, or even for those who want to overlay their mat on top of studio mats and bring some colour. Unroll your mat, sit back and close your eyes : here you are in Tanger, cradled by the thousands and one...