Colleagues, then friends and finally associates, BAYA was founded in November 2016 by Agnès Gardelle and Hortense Bourgois, both of whom have made their debut in
the e-business.
One is a graphic designer, passionate about product innovation and events, the other, a graduate of ESCP with a specialization in business development, management and marketing, is passionate about yoga. The ideal combo to make BAYA a strong brand full of good energy!

«We wanted to embark on a new project, faithful to our values, aspirations and tastes. We want to meet a real need and give a new look to the existing one!».

What animates the founders: “provide experiences for the BAYA community and resonate with people who want to feel good, who are looking to thrive and who have found their balance”.


BAYA offers quality yoga mats and accessories, with several product lines adapted to your practice and expectations, and aesthetic, thanks to pretty prints full of colours and good energy.

Inspired by travels, desires, scents, emotions and encounters, BAYA products are true allies for sports practice.

But beyond the original and quality products, BAYA also aims to inspire a balanced and relaxed lifestyle through tips, blog articles, events on various topics and within everyone's reach. "On the blog, for example, we talk to you about yoga of course, but also about cocktails, beauty, entrepreneurship and personal development. For us, it's all about balance! :)”

La Marque


Support our customers with quality, adapted and diversified products, motivate them with our energy and our universe and inspire our community to move towards a collective, balanced and uncomplicated way of life!


Our products, our events, our community and our communication axes (on the networks, through our partnerships and on our blog) are based on our values: kindness, energy and curiosity!



Goodwill is expressed through the promotion of postures adapted to different levels, responsible products and tips to take care of oneself, one's body but also one's soul.



Energy, always communicating in a fun, sunny and positive tone, without judgment or stigmatization.



Curiosity through our designs inspired by different countries and cultures of the world and through the relay of various subjects.



A feminine name straight out of our imagination, BAYA is exotic, energizing and beautiful! Basically, BAYA is inspired by the word "bahia" or "baía", which in several Latin languages means "the bay". A quiet and protected place, a kind of bubble created by nature that invites you to travel and feel good.

We can also see through BAYA a sentence that is secretly close to our hearts: Beautiful As You Are !