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  • Tapis de Yoga Tanger - 3 mm
    70 € In Stock
    1 x

    SPRINGTIME OFFER* Spring is back! Make the most of it and take your mat everywhere with you! Buy a BAYA yoga mat and get a free BAYA strap.  The Tangier Yoga mat dense, flexible and offer excellent grip. Made of natural rubber with a micro-fibre coating, it is eco-friendly, comfortable and just perfect for intense and physical practices - the more you...

  • Spray Zen pour tapis de yoga
    18 € In Stock
    1 x
    18 € In Stock

    Made from essential oils of lavender, rosemary and basil, BAYA Zen Spray ensures that you always have a pleasant, gentle and fragrant practice. Made in France, it is made of 100% natural ingredients. Before and after each session, spray a little on your mat and rub with a cloth. Hop, all you have to do is relax and let yourself be transported by these so...

  • Housse Bleue pour tapis de yoga
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    0 € In Stock

    The BAYA cover makes it easy to transport your mat. It is the perfect accessory to protect it from the elements and other daily inconveniences. The bonus : this cover has been specially designed so that you can store some personal belongings. ;) The handle can be worn on the shoulder or around the chest.

Taille(en cm)Tour de poitrineTour de busteTour de hanches
XSEntre 75 et 81Entre 65 et 69Entre 80 et 84
SEntre 81 et 86Entre 69 et 74Entre 84 et 88
MEntre 86 et 92Entre 74 et 80Entre 88 et 94
LEntre 92 et 100Entre 80 et 88Entre 94 et 100
XLEntre 100 et 110Entre 88 et 98Entre 100 et 108